So who do you know?

March 4, 2013

My clients often ask what is new and fun that I am selling at other benefit auctions. Here are three auction prizes that I recently sold:

  • A three-hour private house concert featuring a prominent local singer/musician along with a three piece band. This was a great item, and might have been used for a block party, graduation event or entertainment for a small company get-together. The person that arranged for the donation is a close friend of the musician.
  • A home irrigation system and installation. There aren’t that many “guy” items at most galas, but this was a fun one. Labor and materials for a lawn up to 10,000 square feet. The person who arranged for this donation had contracted with the firm for a system at their business and knew the owner.
  • A Sunday brunch for 24 people in a private room at a prominent Downtown Minneapolis restaurant including food and 24 complimentary rail drinks, Bloody Mary’s or beer. Again, the volunteer that was able to put this donation together has a relationship with the owner of the restaurant.

Ask your board and volunteers who they know that owns or manages a business. Be creative in suggesting a donation.



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