Lawrence Auctioneering LLC | What time should your auctioneer arrive?

December 3, 2012

I like to get to the venue before guests arrive. That gives me time to check the sound system, get last minute instructions from the event manager, and address any last minute changes. I always state in new business proposals that I will be there half hour before guests arrive, and earlier if requested.

Another advantage of being on-site is that it gives you a chance to monitor the silent auction. If the bidding for the silent auction goes well, it’s usually a good indication that the live and special appeal will be successful.  If it isn’t going well, I might suggest announcements highlighting certain items, or possibly leave the silent auction open for a longer period.

There’s no reason the MC should sell the first item because the benefit auctioneer arrives late. The development staff has enough to worry about the night of the event.  Worrying about one of the key vendors for the event shouldn’t be one of them. Make sure to clearly indicate in your contract when the auctioneer should be onsite – and, as winter arrives, make sure you’ve built in enough time for inclement weather.




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