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Lawrence Auctioneering LLC | Raffle adds to evening total

November 29, 2012

 A church school event that I auction runs a fun raffle during the evening. It leads up to the live auction. Volunteers sell 20 chances at $10 each for what they call the 50/50 money raffle. Every time they sell 20 tickets, I announce the winning ticket number and the winner gets $100 dollars. Then, the procedure starts over again. They sell 20 more chances and one of those 20 tickets gets drawn for $100 in cash. Their goal was to sell $2,000 in tickets and net an additional $1,000 for the evening. This is an easy raffle to run – all that is needed is a roll of preprinted tickets, and a couple of volunteers to continually sell to the crowd.


Lawrence Auctioneering LLC | New website pretty much up and running

November 16, 2012

Our new website is up and running, some tweaks may be necessary but we are ready to run and present our Lawrence Auctioneering operation. We last made format changes in 2009, and although we were able to make changes easily, the new site gives us even more flexibility.